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About me

"I trained as a stonemason and architectural carver in Dorset, before working for five years at the Richard Kindersley Studio in London. I moved to Norfolk to set up my own workshop in June 2000. I work almost entirely to commission, producing a wide range of work including carving, signage, memorials, lettering and more sculptural outdoor pieces."

"My initial training as a lettercutter was at Weymouth College where I studied for two years. It was not until my five year apprenticeship at the Kindersley Studio that I started to gain a real understanding of letterforms. Richard’s father David was trained by the typographer and sculptor Eric Gill. I draw inspiration from this tradition, and also from studying the work of modern calligraphers, ancient inscriptions and natural forms. My training as a stonemason and architectural carver coupled with my letter carving apprenticeship have instilled in me an interest both in fine lettering and also in working in a three dimensional way where possible."

Teucer received a Crafts Council Development Award in 2001.