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Memorials are often an important aspect of a stone carver's work, especially one who specialises in carved lettering. I have made many memorials throughout the British Isles from Northern Scotland to Northern Ireland, Wales to the south coast. Click here to see an interactive map of where they are.

A headstone is a very symbolic and powerful object, and should be created with this in mind. A bespoke memorial can be a way of celebrating a persons individuality and uniqueness. I always works closely with my clients in an attempt to make a gravestone that reflects aspects of the individual.

Sometimes it is desirable to do this by using imagery in the design; perhaps the loved one was a keen ornithologist or carpenter for example, or a gardener or perhaps a sportsman, and relevant carvings could accompany the lettering, such as a favourite bird, chisel, spade or table-tennis bat. Maybe walking in the Lake District was a passion and therefore Lakeland slate may seem appropriate. These are all elements that can bring a personal touch to a headstone. The wording itself can describe a person or hint at the loved ones interests beliefs, or occupation. Perhaps a more simple sculptural approach may say more than words can for some people, and it is my aim to try and gauge what is right in different situations for different clients.

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