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Here's a selection of videos that illustrate my carving and design work, this is an ongoing project and the videos will change from time to time, there are more on my youtube channel.. These videos show work in progress, various techniques and other items of interest.

Watch this space

A Flick through....


Chipping away

Here's a short video of me carving a memorial in Woodkirk stone from Yorkshire. The music is from the Hot Club of Cow Town. Pay special attention to the lyrics........


Angels in York stone

Here's a short black and white silent movie to show all the stages in carving angels in bas-relief, made by taking a few stills while working on the piece.


Another angel

Here's a short animation to show the stages in carving a bas-relief angel in York stone.



A trip to Wales

a quick walk around a piece I made to commemorate John Fielding (also known as John Williams VC) in Llantarnam, Cwmbran. John was awarded the VC for his bravery at Rourke's Drift, 22-23 January 1879, when some 150 soldiers defended a supply station against 4000 Zulus. John and Henry Hooke held one hospital room for an hour against heavy odds until his ammunition ran out, then with Hooke he broke through three patition walls to allow the evacuation of eight patients to the inner defence lines, holding the enemy back at bayonet point. He was 21 at the time of the defence. Brendan Power provides the music (sorry about the abrupt ending).


Lettercutting in slate

Here's a short animation to show the stages in carving a letter in slate, made by taking a series of stills. These stills were taken from the left hand side, so the camera was not in my way, and then I "tweaked" them to make them square. This explains why the V-cut incision appears to be off-centre. Music by Kathryn Tickell (normally known for her Northumbrian pipe playing but she plays a mean fiddle too).



Other videos and carving demonstrations

more will follow shortly